jide Aje @ 2739 Edwin
This show features new mixed media pieces. The bulk of this 68 piece show featured most of the 2009 output. Also featured were pieces created on corrugated cardboard. The use of this material as a substrate will be seen more in the forthcoming Africa Ser
Familiar & unknown
Works from solo show at the Charles H Wright Museum, Detroit. August-October 2008 The show featured works from various periods of the artists career.
Pupa, dudu ati funfun
Pupa,dudu ati funfun: (Yoruba: red, black and white) Explores the use of color in nonindustrial, premodern times and societies. Title translates as the Yoruba words for red or warm hues, black or dark and white or light/cool color. (c.1991-present)
Abstract Ephemera 2
New Works 2012: Untitled works on paper
New Work 2014/2015